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Mississippi Weather

Jackson Weather

The record high temperature in Jackson Mississippi for the last 42 years was 107°F, while the typical high daily temperature for the year is 75. The lowest documented temperature for Jackson for the past 42 years was 2, and the standard annual low recorded daily temperature is 53. Jackson usually receives an average of 56 inches of precipitation per year and receives a yearly average of 1 inches of snow.

Meridian Weather

In the last 60 years the highest measured temperature in Meridian was 107°F, while the average high yearly temperature is 77. The coldest day reported in Meridian for the past 60 years was 0, and the normal low daily annual temperature is 52. Meridian typically receives a yearly average of 59 inches of precipitation and averages 1 inches of snow yearly.

Tupelo Weather

The hottest day in Tupelo for the past 22 years was 106°F, while the normal high yearly temperature is 73. In the last 22 years the lowest measured temperature in Tupelo was -6, and the typical annual low is 50. Tupelo typically receives a yearly average of 56 inches of precipitation and receives an annual average of 3 inches of snow.