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January Weather In Boston  
January Boston Weather
Record High: 72°F
Normal High: 36°F
Normal Low: 22°F
Record Low: -12°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 3.92"
Rec 1 Day Rain: 2.52"
Avg Monthly Snow: 13.1"
Rec 1 Day Snow: 21.0"

Boston Weather In January

Boston January Weather is the snowiest of the year, on average. The record one day snowfall in Boston in January was 21 inches on January 20, 1978, but on average Boston sees about 13 inches in a typical January. The normal high is just a little above freezing, so you absolutely must bring a heavy coat when you visit.

As is typical for New England, you can also encounter moderately warm weather. The record high is 72°F, although anything above the mid 50s is rare. If you travel inland you are more likely to see colder weather and more snow since the Atlantic Ocean helps moderate the weather nearest the shore.