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April Boston Weather 
April Boston Weather
Record High: 94°F
Normal High: 56°F
Normal Low: 40°F
Record Low: 13°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 3.6"
Rec 1 Day Rain: 4.29"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0.9"
Rec 1 Day Snow: 10.8"

Boston Weather In April

Boston April Weather starts around 50°F for a high on the first of the month and it is normally over 60°F by the end of the month. Snow is still possible, especially in the beginning of the month. When you pack your clothes for an April Boston vacation you need to bring a wide selection of clothing.

Outdoor activities can be enjoyable in Boston in April, with the exception of swimming in the early part of the month, so you might want to book a hotel with an indoor swimming pool. Rain is always possible in Boston, but it is no more likely in April than in any other month.