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March Weather In Chicago  
March Chicago Weather
Record High: 88°F
Normal High: 46°F
Normal Low: 28°F
Record Low: -8°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 2.65"
Rec 1 Day Rain: 1.75"
Avg Monthly Snow: 6.7"
Rec 1 Day Snow: 8.5"

Chicago Weather In March

Chicago Weather In March is pretty good towards the end of the month, with daily highs in the mid 50s. But that is just the norm, and the range between the record low and record high in Chicago in March is an amazing 80 degrees, so anything is possible. Snow is certainly possible, even likely.

If the weather is warm you can enjoy going outdoors, especially near the end of March. Pay attention to the weather forecast, there is such a wide range of possible weather in Chicago in March that anything is possible.