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March Weather In Honolulu  
March Honolulu Weather
Record High: 89°F
Normal High: 82°F
Normal Low: 67°F
Record Low: 55°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 1.89"
Rec 1 Day Rain: 15.32"

Honolulu Weather In March

Honolulu Weather In March is a little warmer than February, although the difference is small. The normal range of temperatures is now between 70 and 80, and the chance of rain is just a little lower. Honolulu did once see over 15 inches of rain in one day in March, 1956, so there's the tiniest chance of you seeing bad weather. But you'd have a better chance of seeing snow in Las Vegas.

As always, all outdoor activities, unless you are skating, are possible in Honolulu in March.