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Hawaii Weather

The Weather In Hawaii is extremely pleasant, with warm temperatures all year-round, and few major storms. High temperatures in the major population and tourist centers range from the high 70s Fahrenheit in the winter to the mid to upper 80s in the summer, and lows are seldom below 65 in the summer or 60 in the winter. Other areas of the state can see lower temperatures because of elevation; there are mountain peaks that reach up to 13,000 feet on the island of Hawaii, and 10,000 feet on Maui. These peaks will get snow during the winter.

While the Hawaii Weather is very consistent in terms of temperature, precipitation is another matter. The ever-present trade winds will bring rain in an inconsistent manner, and the mountains influence the amount of rain that will fall on a given area. Small parts of Hawaii receive huge amounts of rain, while others receive little. The tourist areas, in general, receive frequent light sprinklings; on a given day you may experience 4 small storms that will deposit less than .01 of rain. Heavier rains and storms can occur, although thunderstorms are rare and weak, and Hawaii usually avoids direct hits by hurricanes.

Hawaii Weather And Climate Facts

Here are the typical weather conditions that visitors will encounter in various Hawaii cites:

Hilo Weather - The highest recorded temperature for Hilo for the past 59 years was 94°F, while the mean high yearly temperature is 81°F. The coldest day in Hilo for the past 59 years was 53°F, and the regular annual low is 66.7°F.

Hilo typically receives a yearly average of 126.27 inches of rain.

Honolulu Weather - The hottest day in Honolulu Hawaii for the past 36 years was 95°F, while the average high annual temperature is 84.7°F. The coldest day in Honolulu for the past 36 years was 53°F, while the average low annual temperature is 70.2°F.

Honolulu usually receives an average of 18.29 inches of precipitation per year.

Kahului Weather - In the last 41 years the highest measured temperature in Kahului Hawaii was 97°F, while the standard high annual temperature is 84.3°F. The record low temperature in Kahului for the last 41 years was 22°F, while the mean low daily annual temperature is 67.3°F.

Kahului receives an annual average of 18.8 inches of precipitation.

Lihue Weather - The highest recorded temperature for Lihue for the past 55 years was 90°F, while the typical high yearly temperature is 81.1°F. The lowest documented temperature for Lihue for the past 55 years was 50°F, while the standard low annual daily temperature is 70.3°F.

Lihue usually receives an annual average of 39.57 inches of rain.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Hawaii Cities

Hilo 79/64 79/64 79/65 79/66 81/67 82/68 82/69 83/69 83/69 83/68 81/67 80/65
Honolulu 80/66 81/65 82/67 83/68 85/70 87/72 88/74 89/75 89/74 87/73 84/71 82/68
Kahului 80/63 81/63 82/65 82/66 84/67 86/69 87/71 88/71 88/70 87/69 84/68 82/65
Lihue 78/65 78/66 78/67 79/69 81/70 83/73 84/74 85/74 85/74 84/73 81/71 79/68
Current Hilo
Weather Conditions
Light Rain

Humidity: 91%
Wind: West at 6.9 MPH (6 KT)

Last Updated on Jul 23 2014, 6:53 am HST

Current Honolulu
Weather Conditions
Partly Cloudy

Humidity: 65%
Wind: from the East at 12.7 gusting to 19.6 MPH (11 gusting to 17 KT)

Last Updated on Jul 23 2014, 6:53 am HST

Current Kahului
Weather Conditions
Partly Cloudy

Humidity: 71%
Wind: Northeast at 12.7 MPH (11 KT)

Last Updated on Jul 23 2014, 6:54 am HST

Current Lihue
Weather Conditions

Humidity: 79%
Wind: Northeast at 16.1 MPH (14 KT)

Last Updated on Jul 23 2014, 6:53 am HST