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September Weather In Orlando  
September Orlando Weather
Record High: 97°F
Normal High: 90°F
Normal Low: 72°F
Record Low: 56°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 5.76"
Rec 1 Day Rain: 4.92"

Orlando Weather In September

Orlando Florida Weather In September is just slightly cooler than August, and the chance of rain drops slightly as well. Still, of you were betting, bet that your September vacation in Orlando will include hot, humid weather, and some thunder storms. The Orlando Weather In September will not ruin your vacation, but it's something to plan for. You should either bring a poncho or purchase one at the theme parks, umbrellas are less effective because of the strong winds that accompany most thunderstorms in Orlando. Also bear in mind that the kids will be back in school so the parks will be different and perhaps a little easier to navigate.